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I’ll try to make a summary of the most important moments of my musical career, focusing mostly on the opportunities and significant people I was lucky or unlucky to meet during my way.


I started writing songs since I was a child, but my musical career began at the age of 18, when I met my first band Wangy Blues Machine and started making gigs around pubs in Brianza. As my main goal was to sing my songs, after a few years  I decided to quit my band to start my own project. Then I met the producer Pino Laudadio, with whom I tried to make my way in the music business. First of all I recorded some dance songs with Level One label (Freedom, Not for you and Jump) The last one is included in the compilation Italo Mega Dance and afterwards I recorded two singles written by me with Setticlavio Edizioni Lebel. I founded my acoustic trio Rossoporpora, firstly with the guitarist and arranger Carlo Montoli and subsequently with Marika Lion, bassist pianist and coauthor.

Time went by together with my first opportunity when I became acquainted with the producer Mara Maionchi, but I let her get away because I didn’t follow her requests to change my songs somehow. In the meantime I obtained some rewards thanks to some music competitions: 1st place at Jubil Music with Daniele Guastella at Ariston of Sanremo, 2nd place at Musicacontrocorrente with the song “L’ispirazione del momento”, Prize Sergio Endrigo and Prize Guido Gozzano for the best lyrics at Biella Festival.

Photos By: Domino Martine

Final at Gardautori 2012,  and on this occasion I met the arranger Paolo Paolini, with whom I made my first self released LP.

In 2103 I knew the art director and organier of the Festival “Agosto con noi” Umberta Conti, who invited me in her charity event and gave me the opportunity to sing some songs of mine.


I also joined the “Festival delle arti” of Andrea Mingardi. In 2014 I met the television host Daniele Perini and I was invited to his tv show “A Tambur Battente” at the theatre di Russi in Ravenna. In 2019 I got the final at Premio Donida with the song “Forse conta”.

I don’t know how many opportunities I had and how many others I will take. Maybe my train has already passed or maybe I’m still on the right one and I’m travelling towards the right direction.


I’m trying to embrace with my mind all the musicians and people who have been part of my story and that will hopefully still be in the future: Usciamo dalla cantina, Wangy Blues Machine, Madamanirò, RossanaPicaGroup, Rossoporpora and at last my actual project PICA with two LP “Come si fa” and “Cambiare” . This is a project with which I hope to make my way and to write the best song ever.




La musica non muore. La musica cambia. Intervista su Musicamag

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Le Interviste di Allinfo per "dal palco di casa mia"--->

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